A precious stone
to decorate
every grave


We are the oldest masters of tombstones in Tartu – stone masons of the second generation. Our company has been operating since 1990, but we have more than fifty years of experience in making tombstones.

We bring high-quality granite tombstones from Karelia, Finland, Italy, Ukraine and India. We make tombstones from domestic stone as well as from the material requested by the customer. We offer ready-made tombstones and design solutions as well as special solutions based on the customer’s vision.

We offer a full service – we provide the memorial stone, design, execution, transport and installation all over Estonia. We also make grave fences, restore old tombstones, engrave missing dates on the cemetery stone and maintain grave sites.



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Sometimes it can happen that the grave site of a loved one is too far from home or there is no time to go and take care of it. Despite this, the grave should not be left at the mercy of nature and neglected. We offer gravesite maintenance in Tartu and Tartu County.

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